Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scenes From Arcadia

So I am happy to report that the antique show held monthly in Arcadia FL is worth the drive, though it was kind of wham~bam~thank you~maam. We arrived at dawn and had about 45 minutes to throw our booth together. It wasn't one of those cute booth shows for sure, and mostly table after table of smalls. There was the occasional piece of furniture here and there, and that is what I sold except for one or two small items. It's so funny, when late afternoon hits and the first dealer starts to pack up, it's like a domino effect and pretty soon it's a hive of industry. We packed up pretty quickly and were on our way home at 3. I fell asleep about ten minutes into the drive leaving poor Mr. Sweet Pea to drive Miss Daisy once again.

I did make a sweep of the show and snapped some interesting items...

This little wire rack was cute


Nice cupboard top.

Nice old sign.

Wee shoes.

I love old books.

Any mounties needing a hat?

Short and to the point...

Loved the fabric this Boy Scout pack was made of.

Cute cupboard.

Love street signs.

Be still my heart.


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