Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are

Well, this morning they were here! We were treated with an unannounced visit from the infamous Gilhouley Elk Herd. It was such a wonderful, wonderful surprise as their migration path runs through our property, and for years we've been keeping an eye out for them.

I quietly stepped out on the porch to try and capture their blessed visit before they slipped away.

But they kept coming...

and coming...

and coming...

until finally, the line ended.

Dressed in my pajamas, I stood there on the porch and just watched them peacefully make their way through.

The sound of sixty or so elk crunching through the frosty grass was exhilarating to hear.

We've only seen this herd once before - in a field up the road where there are no houses for miles. We've seen lots of tracks, some right in front of the fence, but until now the herd had always alluded us.

It was a beautiful way to start the morning. It makes me so very happy to have these friends nearby. They are such beautiful majestic creatures and it was a pure honor to set our eyes on them.


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