Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black in the Boy's Room

There's no white frilly anything in this room.
(click on the pictures to see a larger version)

I even surprised myself with all the black. And red.

Just about everything in this room came from Ikea or Target.

The beds.
The quilts.
The pillows.
The desk.
The lamps.
The nightables.
The dresser.
The basket.
The plant.
The desk containers.
The clock.
But not the cat.

And with the exception of a few antique store finds sprinkled in.

Like this vintage desk chair. Only $35. It makes the room, in my opinion.

Not only is it handsome, but useful too. My son, Gavin, does his schoolwork here every day.

I made a slipcover for the seat using an old J. Jill linen skirt I hardly ever wore.

Some fake greenery sits on the desk. For boys who would likely forget to water.

On the walls, we spaced two strips of small trim far apart, then painted in between the same color. Giant chair molding!

The other side of the room:

Another antique chair. It's not comfortable, but it sure looks pretty.

The vintage airplane paintings I found for a few dollars .

"Silly", the cat, poses in her favorite spot on Caleb's bed.

Little does she know she coordinates perfectly.

By the way, this is the space that used to be vaulted air in the living room (see previous post). The bedroom is a much better use of square footage, yes? At least boys definitely think so.


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