Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Color in the Girl's Room

What's the point of having four girls if you can't have a little pink?

Martha Stewart's tissue paper flowers hang over our girl's beds like little colorful clouds. I made them from a kit I found at Michaels.

When I first saw Maria from Dreamy Whites post about her girl's room, I saw that she had the same pom-poms in her girl's room. I love how she propped them like pillows on her girl's beds here:

image courtesy: Dreamy Whites

I wanted a pop of color at the end of the white comforters on their beds, and these quilts fit the bill. To save money, I cut two quilts in half and hemmed the cut ends. Now all four of our girls get the burst of color for half the price! (Charlotte's toddler bed is across from their beds against a wall)

The quilts remind me of April Cornell. The pattern is the perfect mix of feminine and quirky. I found them at Target a few years ago, but sadly they no longer carry them.

There is some more color and quirk at the top end of their beds as well. I'll be posting about those babies tomorrow.


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