Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Feature

One of my favorite things to do is peruse real estate listings. Just for the fun of it, I've decided to make Fridays my Friday's Feature day, and highlight a house on the market that has caught my eye.

Today's listing comes from Upper Black Eddy, PA.

The white house is a historic Victorian. And the red barn up on the hill is finished inside for a guest house.

Although, if I were the one to buy this property, I would live in the barn and use the white house as the guest house.

Of course the dancing pig would have to be written into the contract.

Lovely outside, yes. But look at these fantastic interior shots:

I like how they kept the home decor neutral. It really allows the architecture of the place to take prominence. And in a house like this, that's the way to go.

Love the old pitch forks hanging over the kitchen island.

The stone-walled bedroom suite is one of my favorite things about this barn.

Simple. Rustic. Lovely.


MLS# 2652
All images courtesy: NT Callaway


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