Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Island Revisted

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about our kitchen island. My husband and I remade it from an old buffet we bought off of craigslist.

This is the island now:

I finally found the before picture of the buffet:

You can read here about all the changes we made to it. I took some closer-up photos today, so you can see more of the detail:

The chrome hardware came from Restoration Hardware. The glass knobs were ones we took off of the kitchen cabinets that used to be above our oven.

The mirror part was flipped upside down and made the perfect brackets for an overhang:

When we got the Rachel Ashwell dining chairs, I noticed her metal label tag was attached to the outside edge of the back of the chair.

I just love metal tags, as they add a bit of an industrial flair. Well, we noticed there was a metal tag on the back of the buffet... not meant to be displayed, I'm sure. But the Rachel Ashwell chairs inspired us and now the tag sits front and center:

Of course, if the Paine Furniture people from Boston could see what we did with their fine furniture, they would probably roll over in their graves.


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