Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marble and Alabaster Lamps

It's funny how collections can sometimes begin. You purchase something because perhaps you got a good deal, or perhaps it's just that you're in a particular mood. Then suddenly, you're out and about again and see another one of similar nature but beautifully different...and your collection begins.

The above marble lamp was the first piece of my new collection. It had been at this particular antique store for awhile and finally, when it was marked down to $36, I thought perhaps I'd give it a try. And so my collection began...

It sits on the dresser in my office and has a wonderful three way light that is able to illuminate the small room. I love its skirted detail.

With this lamp, my collection grew to two. The tag in the antique store said it was marble but it could possibly be alabaster, I can't tell. It rests on the old writing desk in the den, which required a lamp base that was small enough to sit on the folded desk top.

I love the sweet carved detail and its wonderful creamy color.

Marble and alabaster lamps can be hard to find in good shape. I see a lot of them with broken necks that have been glued back together and/or badly chipped bases. Even with damage, prices are usually between $95 to $169.

This one sits on our bedroom dresser upstairs. I like the contrast between the white marble body with the veined marble base.

This one is the latest addition to my collection. It is by far the heaviest, and the tallest. It's waiting for a lamp shade, something I'll need to drive into the city to get. It could also use a good rewire -"Joan, help!!" Or should I say, "Dan, help!"

So what collection did you stumble upon?

Pray tell.


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