Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Drinking Glasses

When we were at the coast last weekend, we stopped in at an antique store (this wasn't by accident, I wrote the address down so we'd be sure to find it). It was my favorite kind of antique store with lots of booths by different dealers. I find that these stores (known as antique malls) often have, by far, the best prices and the best variety to choose from.

I wasn't disappointed as I found these glass drinking glasses. They were priced at $20 for eight of them. I knew this was a good deal because I had purchased the exact same glasses several years ago - except I paid $15 for just four.

Finding them was perfect timing because recently I decided to get rid of our old drinking glasses. They were glasses from Martha Stewart's line at K-Mart, so they were pretty (and of course cheap). But I liked them, I didn't love them (sorry Martha, you know I adore you)... so why keep using them?

The vintage glasses I love. And if I love them, then why not use them every single day? Well, I know the answer to that because I have a tendency to save the things I love most for 'special occasions.'

But then you go years not using something that you love. So I decided to break from that bad habit and, that's right, make everyday a special ocassion. Sounds corny but drinking water from these glasses would seriously offer me more warm fuzzies than drinking from the safe, I only like you, not love you glasses.

And besides, I had to ask myself, what's the worst thing that could happen? They break. But there are other beautiful glasses out the worst thing would that I'd have to replace them with some other beautiful glasses.

Okay I admit, the fact that I now have twelve of them, makes this a whole lot easier. I have nine up on the shelf and three down in the cupboard - for safe keeping. ; )


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