Monday, March 22, 2010

Pure and Good

My husband knows that one of the best ever presents for me is an Anthropologie gift certificate. Last time he blessed me with one, I was delighted to find this bottled soap dispenser.

I happened to have found it right after we installed our giant farmhouse sink. The big size of the bottle mixed with it's vintage look went perfectly with the sink. I think.

After the liquid soap it came with ran out, I refilled it with a lavender and mint dish soap. Super handy for both dishes and hands. And it smells delightful.

The bottle has the words "pure & good" embossed on the front. I just LOVE the phrase and couldn't think up anything better than that. I love the script font they chose for it too. Again... just perfect.

The soap dispenser came with a lovely fabric tag attached, and I was tempted to keep it on.

But then I thought it would take away from the whole vintage feel. Without the tag, it looks like it might have been picked up at a flea market. And that's the look I was going for.

It also comes in a smaller size, and as a set with lotion. The metal holder is adorable, don't you think? But for our kitchen, I was drawn to just the one. Bare. Pure. And good.

It's still for sale here at Anthropologie.


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