Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something Personal

I really enjoy anything creative where I don't have to follow the rules. So, embroidery suits my personality (or lack of discipline) well, as evidenced here with our personalized tablecloth. To add something personal to the girl's space, I took cheap, no-frill pillowcases and embroidered their names and a little something extra to set them apart.

A butterfly for Evelyn:

Squirrel and acorns for Paris:

Definitely a dog for our Haley:

And a french-knotted name in braille for little Charlotte:

Speaking of adding personal touches, you must read about all the personal details that Janice put into her baby daughter's room. Reading her post conjured up so many warm memories of my own from when I was preparing my first baby's nursery. Such a sweet, special time. I posted about Janice last week, and I'm so excited that she started a blog of her own now called Canadian Cottage. Check it out!


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