Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tending the Grapes

It's time to start thinking about our grapes, which is a wonderful feeling. It's the first sure sign that winter is happily behind us and that the warmer months are sure to come.

Every year about this time, Hubby enthusiastically sets out to prune the grape vines. Since taking over the neglected vines four years ago, he's been experimenting with various pruning practices and we're feeling pretty good about our first true crop this fall.

Here's a quick glimpse of a prior year's harvest.

We're more eager than ever for an abundant crop this year because we've finally decided what to do with all those grapes! We're going to make our first batch of Concord grape wine, grape juice and grape jelly to give to family and friends for the holidays.

The following are just a few examples of wine label templates I found online here.

I like the rich warmth of this gold label.

I also like the softness of the pale green.

This green and fuchsia label would be especially festive for the holidays.

While Hubby patiently pruned, a certain someone wasn't far from his side.

Both were out until dusk.


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