Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Things Spring

You know it's truly spring when the orchards are on the verge of blossoming. Very soon the valley and hills will be twinkling with little pink and white flowers so deliciously beautiful that you'll want to walk down orchard row upon orchard row trying to take them all in.

Meet my new friend. She lives on a sheep farm down the road and she's fulfilling my desire to make new furry friends. My sweet adorable alpacas (here) have been moved to another field so the sheep are my new adorables to stop and say hello to. And she's the perfect kind of furry friend...completely squeezable!

Indoors, spring is shining brightly through the white ranunculus on our bedroom dresser.

And of course the heavenly pink ranunculus on my nightstand. Can you kiss a flower? What would Hubby think if I leaned over and kissed my ranunculus before we went to sleep at night? I'm afraid he'd think it was fairly normal behavior.

My new spring bonnet is the latest addition to my spring 'wardrobe'. I found it at an antique store and it simply made me smile. Do you think I should wear it on Easter? Do you think it will 'go' with jeans and a warm sweater?

Happy Easter dear friends.



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