Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did Someone Say Party?

The fabulous blogger party that is... Hosted by the one and only divine Ms. T herself... Teresa Cano aka Garden Antqs Vintage knows how to throw a party now...

First she lays out a spread of delicious food and lots of vino... Then she secures a talented author to do a book signing... Enter the awesome Jo Packham of the "Where Women Create" fame. Jo has a second book out as well as a magazine. Also there was the equally fab Gina Galvin of Peacock Park Design signing the latest issue of "Where Women Create" that featured her studio. Both Jo and Gina are absolute delights and so down to earth. Love you both...

Now add to the mix an unbelievable group of bloggers... Faces to go with the names... Meeting the minds behind some really creative off~the~charts blogs... I didn't get pics of everyone I met as the party is a whirlwind of meet and greet and it's honestly hard to take it all in properly. This is the time when a personal assistant would come in handy...

So here's a who's who of the pics that I did snag...

Ms. T herself with Anne from Fiona and Twig.

Jodie from Everything Vintage and Angelique from Six In One Hand.

Heather Bullard from PresentPast Collection and Flea Market Style and Moi.

Oh I do declare, it's Deb from Talking Trash. And there's Craigy from Time Worn Interiors in the background. Gotcha Craigy Poo.

Me with Jodie from Everything Vintage.

The fab four: Teresa from Time Worn Interiors, Me, Jo Packham from Where Women Create and Lauri from Chippys.

Anne from Fiona and Twig, TOT, and Deb aka Talking Trash.

TOT and Deb.

It was so lovely to meet everyone and I wish I had gotten more pics. There are sure to be more out there on the blogs of the attendees so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks Teresa for another winner of a party!


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