Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gutter Bookshelves

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I would show what's behind the piano in my next post. I didn't mean to be misleading.

You see, there is a wall that sits opposite the piano. But now I realize my dear readers, you might have thought I meant I'd show our project going on behind the wall of the piano. That project is probably a post for next week (if we finish the project in time that is!).

Sooo, on the opposite wall of the piano, we have bookshelves for little Charlotte to help herself to. They are special shelves reserved just for her braille and touch & feel books.

Once upon a time, we lived in a 1840's Colonial in New Jersey, and part of the package with buying the historic home was inheriting wooden gutters. Have you ever heard of wooden gutters? We hadn't.

We chopped them up into a few pieces, painted and distressed them and called them bookshelves.

I love the curviness and how there's even a decorative flirty lip.

So, that's what's behind the piano. ;)


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