Sunday, April 4, 2010

How I Clean My Kitchen Sink


I don't know about you, but I hate having a dirty sink!  I am not saying that mine doesn’t get gross because it does but I try to clean it about once a week. 

Although I like a shinny sink, I do not like putting a lot of time into cleaning it!  That is way I love my Heavy Duty Scour Off.  It cleans my kitchen sink in only a couple of minutes even when I leave my cast iron pan in the sink and it leaves  rust rings.

Here is a before picture.

2010 03 25_1801

Here is a rust ring.

2010 03 25_1802

Here is my Scour Off.

All I do to clean my sink is….. put this paste on a sponge or wash cloth and rub down my sink.  Then I rinse it off.

That’s IT!!!!  

So easy!!!!! 

To give it that brand new look, I also wipe off the excess water with my microfiber cloth to dry the sink.

2010 01 12_2354

Here are some afters. 

2010 03 25_1805 2010 03 25_1806 2010 03 25_1807 

Cleaning my sink is one of my easiest kitchen chores and it makes a huge difference.  I always feel like my whole kitchen is clean when my sink is shinning, plus this stuff is totally safe, chemical free and smells great!

It also makes a great way to start my week.  Isn’t it funny that this kind of stuff helps me get through the week?  I can think better when the house is clean. lol!  I swear I am not OCD!  I just like a clean sink.  Don’t you?


I hope this is helpful to you!

Happy Cleaning,


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Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste

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