Monday, April 5, 2010


Hydrangea are one of my favorite flowers. Last summer I planted twenty hydrangea bushes. The varieties are Endless Summer, Limelight, All Summer Beauty, Little Lamb, Nikko Blue, Greenspire and one climbing variety.

I love their country elegance and their larger than life blossoms.

I'm not sure what variety these are, but like the Limelight variety, they have beautiful pale green blossoms. I have to trim the stems almost daily to keep them smiling. Perhaps because the blossom heads are so large.

This variety has smaller blossoms and doesn't need as much trimming. I've had these for about two weeks now and they're still very bright and fresh looking.

I can't wait until my hydrangeas are blossoming. Many have started to leaf out but I'm afraid blossoms are still many, many weeks away.

But they're so worth the wait.


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