Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Loose Ends

There are always some pics from the Texas show that don't fit into a particular post. They are the loose ends to tie up. So here are a few pics of friends and a few of things I found interesting.

Opening morning is so exciting. The anticipation is palpable. My friend Teresa Cano...Garden Antqs Vintage...comes to the show to snap pics.

Here's TOT...Time Worn Interiors...Teresa...and moi.

Teresa and I in front of my booth.

Is this the cutest. Just down the way from us at Marburger.

I love texture...The next three pics are stellar examples.

I finally got a pic this time of Peg and John from French Vanilla. Aren't they cute?

One of my fav pics taken. The "Pearl Girls" as I call them getting ready for opening morning. They model the scrumptious Magnolia Pearl Beautiful Wear designed by the fabulous Robin Brown aka Magnolia Pearl. Aren't they all so pretty?


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