Sunday, April 4, 2010

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is actually the tiniest bedroom in our house. We gave the girls the giant master bedroom suite so they could all be together. And we didn't mind. Truth is, we don't spend much time in our bedroom during the day, so for us a bedroom needs only to be relaxing, romantic, and simple.

I've always liked the uncluttered look in general, but I especially appreciate it in our bedroom.

The headboard we got years ago from Pottery Barn. The lamps came from TJ Maxx. They just happen to have only two left the evening I decided to stop in.

The bedding is also Pottery Barn, but bought off Ebay.

I found this bench at an antique store and loved the farmhouse feel of it.

I especially like the top where the wood grains are very deep and rustic.

We found our dresser off of craigslist, and the stoneware pitcher was a hand-me-down. The flowering branches are from one of our spring blooming trees.

And that's our bedroom! Nothing much to it. But for us it's just enough.


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