Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Coastal Home

We almost missed the opportunity to buy our current home. As I was scrolling through house listings a few years ago, I happened upon the picture above. And even though it said "NC" right beside it, I was sure the listing realtor made a mistake and really meant Oregon or Washington. After all, the area we were looking in was at least two hours from the ocean. And even then... "our" ocean didn't look like the above ocean with the glorious coastal rock formation.

Washington Coast:

Photo above by Rick Pawl

Oregon Coast:

Image above found here

I was convinced this house sat on the Pacific Coast. Curiosity got the better of me thank goodness, and I finally clicked to find out more info.

Pictures can be deceiving. The photo above was taken from across the lake. The rock is granite, left over from when the lake was a quarry. Not an ocean. A quarry.

But for some reason "Our Quarry Home" doesn't have as nice of a ring.



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