Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peep Show

So besides the obvious thrill of traveling to Texas and setting up our booth at the quintessential show MARBURGER FARMS, I get to see my PEEPS and their fabulous booths... Unless you have been, there is no way to get across to you how over the top and drop dead stunning they are. I can only hope my pics give you a hint...

First up, my BFF Teresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage who sets up at Zapp Hall.

Judy Hill at Marburger always delivers a gorgeous booth.

Gwen from French By Design at Marburger.

Sweet Mo aka Rubbish at Marburger.

Peg and John, the fabulous French Vanilla at Marburger.

Our friends Franklin and Donna who set up in H tent at Marburger.

TOT (Teresa) aka Time Worn Interiors and Craig always do an awesome set up at Marburger.

And the new kid on the block and my new neighbor, Lauri from Chippys had a fab 1st time out of the gate at Marburger. You go girl!


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