Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Ever Fabulous...

LEFTOVER'S party is the Saturday night before our show opens at Marburger. Ed and Michael are so gracious to throw open their doors and trust us all to mingle among their gorgeous things balancing a plate of food and a glass of wine. They must have nerves of steel. The shop was glorious as always, and I wanted one of everything.

There were many familiar faces missing this time, as Deb (Curious Sofa) and Carol (Raised In Cotton) didn't make it and my friend Teresa Cano (Garden Antqs Vintage) arrived as we were just leaving. A busy day at her booth in Warrenton no doubt.

Mr. Sweet Pea enjoyed hanging with his bud Ludmil from Willow Nest.

That's moi on the left with Linda and Ludmil from Willow Nest.

Gwen from French by Design with Linda and Ludmil.

Me, Lauri from Chippys and Teresa from Time Worn Interiors.

And now some shots from around the shop... Enjoy.


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