Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Ones That Got Away... And A Giveback

Say what? Well I was all set to do this post about these...

Remember when I first introduced you to them?

Then they went here...

And now they are here...

Sorry guys, they were just too awesome to let them get away... They look so darn good in my living room.

And so on to the GIVEBACK... I realized after my last post that I had hit TWO HUNDRED POSTS! The lights were on but nobody at home apparently... Anyhoo, it's time for A GIVEBACK!!! Since this is so spur of the moment, I have no idea what the prize will be but I promise it will be awesome and in a couple of days I'll reveal what the winner will be a gettin'.

So tell your friends, tell your followers, heck tell everyone to post a comment and you'll be in the running. I'd love it if you post about the GIVEBACK but you don't have to to enter. I think I'll give a second prize that will be drawn from anyone who does post about it. How's that? So let me know if you do post about it and you'll go into a second drawing.

Aaannndd all my followers will automatically be entered. No coercion to become one to enter, but if you do join me between now and the drawing date you're in like flynn. If you are a follower and you leave a comment you get two chances to win.

You do not need to have a blog to enter. If you are commenting anonymously please leave an email address in your comment so I can contact you in the event you win.

DRAWING ENDS IN ONE WEEK ON TUESDAY MAY 4TH AT MIDNIGHT... I'll be back with the prize shortly. Good luck all!


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