Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Spring Shelf/Mantel

2011 05 10_4604
One of my favorite places, in our home, is my daughter’s room because it is always full of spring!  Her room gets a lot of sunshine so even in the middle of winter, her room reminds me of warm spring days! :)
2011 05 10_4605
Her room colors are pink and green but she also has a lot of flowers and butterflies in it too! She is so girly!!! 
Her shelf is actually a mantel that I found at a garage sale! 
I love using pictures of her to decorate her room.  This was her one year old photo.  (I loved her pigtails!!)
 2011 05 10_4606 
I added a set of pink and green topiaries that I bought from a garage sale for a dollar each. (I love garage sales!)
2011 05 10_4607 
My Mom found this watering pail for Grace and I bought the white, distressed frame at a garage sale!
2011 05 10_4608 
Here are the more of the topiaries!  So pretty!!
2011 05 10_4609 
This shelf is over her bed and I love it!!! :) 
Do you see the hanging pictures in the background?  Click here to see how I made them!
2011 05 10_4611 
I also picked up a couple of very similar, smaller shelves as her mantel/shelf at another garage sale!  I love when that happens! :)
2011 05 10_4601
I just added a couple of little cute things on them.
2011 05 10_4602
I also hung some pink and green hangings around them too!
2011 05 10_4603
I love her room and the spring touches it has! :)
Her room was actually the very first room in the house that I painted, heehee! 
I couldn’t wait to give her the pink, girly room that I had planned for her! :)


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