Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Color Quandary


We’re under a time crunch now.  I tell ya what, this is my kind of stress.  I’ll take it!  We close May 31’st on the old farmhouse, which means we’d like to have the front door ready to go by then.  Since my husband is very much a “whatever you want dear” kind of guy, it’s up to me to choose the color. 

I posted about the old door we got off of craigslist here.  And by the comments, I could tell you must have been reading my mind. 


My first choice for the door was to strip it down and poly it but unfortunately that won’t work.  We have to change the doorknob to the other side so the door opens into the new living room.  That means we’ll have to patch up the hole on the other side.  Painting is the only option. 

When I first spotted this door from Cottage and Vine, bluish green became by next favorite choice (Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore):

cottage and vine

But then there’s the whole porch ceiling issue.  You see, after painting our current porch ceiling blue, I kind of fell in love with the look, and it’s become a must-do for our new ceiling. 

Blue door, blue ceiling.  Too much?  Maybe.  But then I found these images of  blue doors with blue ceilings:

blue door 3

It works.  It’s probably just a matter of choosing the right blue for contrast.  But is all the blue screaming “Coastal”?

blue door 2

The new house is a very traditional farmhouse in the country.  There’s even a token red barn in the background:


Nothing says classic farmhouse like a red door… my next choice.  I would choose a coral red for a twist. Can’t you picture a sky blue above this door? 

red door 3

Last but not least is another traditional look.  Black: 


I was against the idea of black until I saw it against a blue ceiling and now it’s in the running:

images from
Ekster Antiques

Would you like to participate in choosing the color? I added my first-ever poll to the top right side of my blog so you can cast your vote.  Pretty please! 


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