Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shaklee Cleaning Review

 Cleaning. A Review.

Hello!  I just wanted to let you read this great review that Jess, from  Sweet Southern Me, wrote about her Shaklee experience!
This is what she wrote…
I am not big on cleaning.  I just don't like it.  Probably because I was forced into it as a young child.  I mean if I had to choose between scrubbing the toilet and watching the smurfs...Smurfs ALWAYS will win, even now as an adult.  I've been in school for the last 18 months, and I really haven't been home a lot or had a lot of time to clean.  My sweet darling loving amazing husband has picked up the slack (or hired someone to do it for him).  Either way, my house has been clean for the last 18 months with minimal effort from yours truly.
Let me back track for a moment.  When I started blogging, I found Ann Marie over at
White House, Black Shutters.  Then I found her sister-in-law Bonnie at House of Grace.  Bonnie and Ann Marie both frequently mentioned these household cleaners and other products they used called "Shaklee."  I had NEVER heard of them before, but I was intrigued.  Mostly because Bonnie had written this post and this post about a scalp treatment.  I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and one of the lovely symptoms is horrible scalp problems and hair loss from a hormone imbalance.  I wanted to know more about this scalp product that Bonnie used.  Also, I was even more curious about these cleaners, but I wasn't going to just jump into a huge expense (money is tight when you are a perpetual student living on one income) and not have them work.  But then, I started seeing more and more people in blogland using these products, so I figured it has to be legit. ;)
Dear Hubby had made the comment to me I had two weeks to clean the house before I had to start my "big-girl" job.  I began by cleaning the kitchen.  I use clorox kitchen and bath...its what I've always used, and Hubby made the comment that I would have to clean when he wasn't there because the smell was so bad it was giving him a headache.  That was the determining factor for me...so I had some money from my birthday and I decided to take the leap of faith and try these products.  I ordered them Thursday, and it was a rough couple days waiting...the suspense was killing me!  On Monday I was so excited for Patch (the UPS man) to come, I couldn't stand it.  My Hubby and I went to run some errands and got back to the house at 3.  Hubby said the box truck drivers have to deliver the air mail first and then the ground mail, so it would be in the afternoon before Patch came to our house.  When we got back, there we no boxes at the front door.  I was really sad.  We backed the truck in behind the house, and there in big plastic bags were two boxes.... MY boxes!
I brought them inside....
I opened them up, and it was like a chorus of a million angels singing to me.
I mixed up my bottles immediately with the Basic H....
Okay, so I really took this picture tonight after I have been cleaning EVERYTHING in my house....
And I began to look for something to clean...I wiped down my countertops, Dear Hubby sitting right there.  No smell.  He even commented the counter didn't have the "film" on it that the other cleaners had left.  I used the degreaser on my stove top.  Clean.  Tried it on the sink with hard water and calcium build up.  Clean.  Stainless steel.  Clean.  So then I went to the windows.  I'm just keeping things real folks, this really is how my back door looks 99.99999% of the time. 
Let's take another look for good measure.
Do you see all the nose prints?  ALL OF THEM?  Its horrible.  I'd use windex, and it would smear them, and then I'd have to start all over, but it never really got all the "nose gunk" off.  I sprayed the window cleaner on the window...one wipe.  GONE!  All of it.  There isn't a trace left.  Seriously-look:
I was SO excited.  I went outside and cleaned the outside of the window too...its 20-something degrees outside here, and I'm out there cleaning my windows.  I'm sure the neighbors think I'm CRAZY. That's fine because my window was clean just long enough for me to take this picture, then it got nose prints on it again. *sigh*  I had to quit cleaning to bake a cake for Dear Hubby's mentee (is that  a word?) from work.  I had a pan in the sink and one in the cabinet.  I used my new Shaklee dish soap and washed my pan and pulled the other one out of my cabinet (it had been cleaned with dawn and put away).  I went to pour my cake batter into the pans and stopped.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  This is what I saw:
The pan on the right had been cleaned with dawn and had this nice film where the soap had stuck to the cooking spray and then dried.  The pan on the left I had just washed with the Shaklee Dish Soap.  I washed the other pan and it cleaned up just like the first.  WOW!  I don't know about y'all, but I have problems with my pans getting the cooking spray "stuck" on them and then it won't come off...let me tell you.  It is all off now.  They look like new. 
Everything I have tried to clean with the Basic H has come out clean...floors, counters, cooktop, oven, mirrors, my sofa!  I LOVE this stuff...so does Hubby.  I'm cleaning and there are no odors. 
I wasn't one for worrying about the chemicals etc I was using, but then I got to thinking about it a little more.  When I wash my floors with the clorox or pine-sol or whatever, and then my boys or miss kitty would walk on it, they would be getting the cleaner in their paws.  Dogs and cats lick their paws.  This means they were licking the cleaning solutions.  Not to mention all the floor licking that goes on with dogs.  YUCK.  That can't be very healthy.  I now worry less with using the Basic H products because there aren't the yucky chemicals.  I had previously read this article a friend sent me.  It really has made me think about what products I use and how they are helping/hurting us and our environment.  Next time you are looking at purchasing your cleaning products, actually look at the ingredient labels and see what you are bringing into your home.
Thanks for reading, I'm sorry it was SO long, I am just really excited and have a lot to say!
p.s. I was not compensated in any way for writing this.  These are completely my own thoughts and opinions.  I just want to share an exciting product!
Thank you Jess! :)
She actually wrote about this in January…hence, the snow.
I am so glad that you are enjoying your cleaning products! :)

If you love your Shaklee products and want to be featured, please let me know! :)
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