Monday, August 1, 2011

East End Profile: Before and After


This is what the east side of the house looked like when we moved in. As you can see, several quirky additions had been made to the original footprint of the 1923 farmhouse. 


We tore down the small appendage with the bay window and built a larger dining room in its place. Also, we tore down the 70's style front porch addition and added the wraparound porch. 

Two new dining room windows offer a nice exterior detail. 

I planted a hedge of Little Lamb hydrangea underneath these windows. They are a sun tolerant variety but I found (when they were planted in the front bed last summer) that they really do much better with some shade.  

The Little Lamb hydrangea look very similar to a new variety of hydrangea that I planted in front of the dining room. The new variety is called 'Bombshell' and is also sun tolerant. 

The berry garden is thriving! Though, so much so that the deer have come around to do some pre-harvest sampling... 

 Here's a glimpse of what will soon be a very delicious summer treat, blueberries... 

... and blackberries. 



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