Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Bring on Good Health for Kids

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I am really into health and nutrition and a firm believer that you should eat healthy food!  I really want to teach my kids about good and bad foods.  My kids love eating healthy and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that they have been eating fresh, nutrient rich food since they started solids. 
Basically,  I am trying to create a healthy lifestyle for them and giving them the right guidelines at a young age so they can make the right diet choices for themselves later on in life.
Of course, we eat junk once in a while,  I don’t say no to everything.  I just like to keep a lot of healthier choices in the house.  They have grown to love raw fruits and veggies and they choose it by themselves now.
I just wanted to share a couple of things that I do to help encourage them to eat a healthy balanced diet even at ages 6, 4 and 2.
I get them involved!  They are always helping me in the kitchen.
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I take them shopping!  They actually love helping me pick out new foods!
I make healthy snack available!
They love cheese.
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And veggies.
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And fruits!
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This is an example of a snack plate for the kids. Yup, that looks healthy and they LOVE it too! Smile
2011 07 13_6474
Oh yes, that’s a happy baby!
2011 07 13_6491
I give them freedom.  But with so many good choices, it is hard to make a bad decision, ha!
I lead by example.  They see my husband and I eat healthy and they want to be like us!
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I don’t give up!  Why would I give up on my children’s healthy?  This is a lifestyle.
I started young. I had a healthy lifestyle for as long as I can remember so, of course, I want that for my kids.  I started a healthy lifestyle right from the beginning with them so they are used to it.  BUT- it is never too late to start!
2011 08 08_7234
Even with eating right, I wonder… Did they eat enough? Are they growing properly? Did they get all the essential nutrients from their diet? I can relax when I give them the world’s best children’s products, designed specifically with my little ones in mind. It’s important to eat healthy foods especially the foods you find on the outside of grocery stores (I always shop the perimeter). It’s also important to me to make sure my kids are getting all the daily needs of nutrition to have healthy bones and a strong immune system.  I use Shaklee because it has been around over 54 years and is the largest nutrition company in the USA. Shaklee vitamin’s for kids are all-natural and safe for children. Studies have found that Shaklee kids are healthy kids! For my children’s health, I go with the name that I know and trust!  Plus, my family has been using Shaklee for 13 years now!!!
Those some of the ways that we bring on good health in our family!!!
I love sharing healthy with others and I wanted to share some things we do!
What kind of things do you do for your family’s health?
Have a great weekend! Smile
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