Thursday, August 11, 2011

Organizing Hair Accessories

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Organize your LIFE
Good morning!  I am kinda on a back to school organizing kick!  Last week, I posted about how I organized our school supplies, yesterday I showed you how organized my children’s personal drawers and today I will show you how I organize my daughter’s hair accessories. 
I  I LOVE doing Gracie’s hair and she loves when I do it too!  I wanted to go through all of our supplies, organize and get rid of ones we don’t need.  I wanted this done before school starts so I can easily find her bows each morning.
We organized and separated everything into 3 bins.  (You know how I love bins!  These are the same kind of bins that I used to organize my crafts.)
2011 08 01_7022
We made a bin for bows and flower barrettes.  (You can see how I made some here and here.)
2011 08 01_7019
We used a bin for clips, bobby pins and holders.  The pony tail holders and separated by size into zip-lock bags.  I used my old watch tin for smaller barrettes.
2011 08 01_7020
We also have a bin for school approved hair accessories.  They need to match their uniforms (red, blue, white or grey).  It is nice to keep these separate so we don’t lose any.   Plus, then it is easier to do her hair when I know where to find everything.
2011 08 01_7021
Now, we are ready to do hair!
2011 08 01_7023
I keep these in the bathroom cabinet.
2011 08 01_7024
This is our downstairs bathroom.  I keep them in here because I do her hair right before we walk out the door.  I also keep an extra set of toothbrushes down here.  It just helps us get out of the house quicker, lol!
2011 08 01_7025
I know this is not a big organizing project but it needed to be done! Winking smile
How do you organize hair accessories?
What did you organize this week?!?!
Organize your life
What are you organizing this week?

Have a great day! :)
Bonnie :)
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