Monday, April 16, 2012

A beach escape in Uruguay

Feel like you need to get away from it all this Monday morning?! I could certainly find solace at this beautiful retreat in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. The home is 7km from the nearest road and accessible only by walking along the dunes or by 4 x 4. It has no electricity or running water (water is obtained from a well or collected rain water). I asked the photographer, Javier Csecs to describe how he felt on the shoot:

"That moment, when arrived at the cottage in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, was so impressive that everything came easily,the atlantic ocean air, the hot summer sun, sand everyway you look, all do the magic. The owner was talking about the style and details like how decide decoration, but I just relax and let the feelings guide the camera, as if I lived there." Javier Csecs.

Photography: Javier Csecs for Espacio Living

Could you stay somewhere like this? Live even? It certainly is a beautiful home with spectactular views!
Happy Monday morning to you folks!


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