Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go Green This Earth Day with Shaklee

Earth Day is coming up!!  

Are you making any changes for your family this year?

One easy way to go green in you home is by switching brands!

You can replace your current household cleaners for natural, non-toxic ones that work!

I have loved and been using Shaklee's Get Clean Line for over 13 years now.

I swear by them!!  They are totally cost effective, natural and they actually WORK!

I have been using Basic H on my floors for years and I am always impressed!

Shaklee carries an amazing dish line that gets the job done even without pre-rinsing!! 

The Scour Off can do wonders on your oven!!

You can remove water spots.

You can even clean your tea pot.

Our products can do just about anything!

And because it is safe, you can even have your children help! :)  (Extra Bonus)

Did I mention how cute they are???

For all your disinfecting needs, we have a great discinfectant!

I have a lot of other "free goodies" for you after you join!  ;)

You will receive your new member email from me after you join with more details!!

I recommend starting with:

Get Clean Start Kit (regular or un-scented)
Basic G {Germicide}

Happy Earth Day (in advance)!

Bonnie :)


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