Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small packages in Malmö, Sweden

Notice anything different today?! Something...unusual about my blog? It's exactly 6 months since MSH was born and to celebrate I have been working with the wonderful, super talented, super friendly Ana at Blog Milk on a shiny new blog design. And ta-daaaa! What do you think? 

So back to the interior design. And another local Malmö apartment here in Sweden today. This is pure evidence that the best things come in small packages as the home is a mere 33 m2!! What a clever and pretty use of space!

Pictures: Bjurfors
What do you reckon? I'm liking the dark wood floor and white walls, and of course the mid century scandinavian furniture!

A quick note to say, these 6 months of blogging have been so much fun and I've learnt absolutely loads (I only wish I had time to make my home as lovely as the ones I've seen). So I wanted to say a great big 'TACK' to you all for popping by on a daily basis, And 'TACK' for all your comments, and your blogs, Pins, and Tweets for giving me so much inspiration. Here's to plenty more blogging in 2012!

Niki x


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