Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Roses

I will resist another tall tale on how we acquired this David Austin rose. The truth is, I picked it out and made Hubby buy it for me. Although he buys flowers for me on special occasions, I also buy flowers for myself often. I buy a lot of flowers!

He does however comply quite graciously with my requests to hold flowers so that I can take pictures of them. He ends up holding many other things too...cast iron skilleta box of cherriestoast with jamcarrotsand the list goes on. I sometimes even request a wardrobe change (into a white t-shirt)! 

This rose is called Campanella. The florist at the New Seasons Market we frequent gave her to me because I was so taken by her beauty. I thought that was so nice of her.

As you can see, once again Hubby's photo assistance necessitated a wardrobe change. He is so patient with me. Nonetheless, since the babies arrived I've also had to take many more photos without his assistance. The poinsettia, the tulips, and the Easter basket were all pictures that I took of my reflection in our dining room mirror! 

I think by the time I took a picture of the Easter basket, I thought to clean the mirror. Oops. 


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