Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Today I want to share a simple and healthy smoothie recipe with you.  Well, it is not a recipe per say but I will just tell you what I do.

My family LOVES smoothies!!!

We make them ALL the time, especially during the summer!  It is a great healthy meal that requires little prep and clean-up time plus it is a great way to get you’re your family to eat a healthy meal!

We make them a little different everyday because we just use what is on hand.  I don’t think 
I ever had a smoothie that I didn’t like.

I started with lots of fresh strawberries (I usually use frozen but these were on sale and I didn’t have time to freeze these.)

2011 07 18_6740

We like a lot of strawberries! Smile

2011 07 18_6741

Then I added 2 bananas and some milk.

2011 07 18_6743

I don’t measure the milk, I just pour (or have the kids help me.)

2011 07 18_6744

I ALWAYS add a quality protein to make it a complete meal.  This is especially important 
with breakfast.

2011 07 18_6745

I always let the kids take turns pushing the buttons, lol!  Why do they always fight over that?

2011 07 18_6751

We bring it to a nice vortex.

2011 07 18_6752

Since we didn’t use frozen bananas or strawberries, I had the kids add ice through the top 
one at a time.

2011 07 18_6753

Then we enjoy!!! Smile

2011 07 18_6755

We ALL enjoy these shakes and it is super easy and healthy!!!

Cleaning Tip:  

Wash your blender right away before the shake starts to harden on to the blender. 

What is your favorite smoothie?

Bonnie :)


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