Sunday, July 8, 2012

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hello! How are you today?  I got a lot of response about me grinding my own grain so I thought I would share another kitchen secret with you.

We don't use corn or vegetable oil or any other type of cooking oil.  

We only use coconut oil over here!  There are a ton of health benefits from using this oil!  We have been using coconut oil for years and years!  Scott and I have been using it since we have been married almost 9 years ago and my Mom was using it longer than that. 

I buy the huge 5 gallon buckets because we use so much!

Then, I transfer a little into the kitchen at a time.  I cook everything with this stuff!  We are totally used to the taste.  I also buy a 5 gallon bucket of the Expeller Pressed because it doesn't taste like coconut but it doesn't have all the same health benefits.

I also like the coconut chips!

I use them in trail mix and as a toping for yogurt.

Have you ever tried coconut oil?

What do you use it for?


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