Saturday, November 24, 2012

12 Reasons You Should Take Celtic Sea Salt

If you haven’t tried celtic sea salt yet you’re missing out!

Celtic Sea Salt is so many health benefits and we have been buying it for over 10 years.  We never buy the salt from the stores (not even Trader Joe's)!  I have been buying the same brand and love it.  (I am not getting compensated in any way for this post)  We buy ours here

Here are twelve reasons you should be taking celtic sea salt:

1. Sinus and bronchial congestion.

Celtic sea salt breaks up mucus and provides relief when taken before going to sleep.

2. Regulate blood pressure. 

While table salt causes high blood pressure, celtic sea salt  has been shown to actually normalize blood pressure.  If you have high blood pressure, pure salt will bring it down.  But if you have low blood pressure, pure salt will bring it up.  

3. Deeper and more restful sleep.  

You can drink warm water with celtic sea salt before bed for a deeper and longer sleep.  You will wake up restful and refreshing.  

4. Water retention. 

This is my FAVORITE thing about this salt.  No bloating!!!  Yup, no water retention!  I love popcorn with salt and I can wake up the next morning without my ring cutting off my fingers circulation.

5. Kidney stones.

Celtic sea salt has also been reported to actually dissolve kidney stones.

6. Building the immune system and aids healing. 

Celtic sea salt is full of rich minerals which can help your body heal!  It also helps our body heal quicker when there has been a surgery, sickness, burns, mental disorders, etc.

7. Prevent over-acidity in body.

Your body and brain needs electrolytes! They are really important for your nerves too!   

8. Helps control saliva.

Know anyone that drools?  This is help them.

9. Wound Healing.

You can put some salt in your bath to help with wounds.  Celtic sea salt is helpful for gargling or drinking to ease sore throats. 

10. Diabetics.

Helps balance out sugar in blood in diabetics. 

11. Muscle cramps.  

It gives your body the essential minerals to the muscles and preventing muscle cramps.

12. Alkalinizes. 

Helps keep our body at the right pH. 

How I take it:

  • I  add some salt to my purified water 
  • I cook with it (I do NOT use table salt...EVER!)
  • Add it to our bath

I buy it in bulk (20lbs.) and then I crush it as needed.

I also put it in a grinder.

Have you tried this before? 

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)


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