Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Family Fall Day

Hello! :)  How are you?  I can't believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving!! Oh, my...time is flyin'!

I have some super, cute photos to share with you from our family fall, apple picking afternoon!

The kids a blast!!

They had some Army tents with gear to try on there. 

Of course, we had to get on the John Deere!

We played bags!

We stocked up on local honey....LOVE!!!!

I love shopping cute, little stores like this.

We also made sure to buy LOTS of popcorn kernels to last the winter.  (We love homemade popcorn!)

I thought these spoons were the sweetest!

Ahh...carmel apples!!!

I loved these lights!  Neat, huh?

We got to taste test all the different apples and we all picked our faves.  Mine are the Jonathans.  What are yours?

Ohhh, we also picked up some amazing, homemade doughnuts!!

We LOVE this place!  This is where we buy our Christmas tree every year!  We need to go back real soon.

The baby was just chillin'!


We also went all out and bought some kettle corn...AMAZING STUFF!

There was a lot of space for the boys to run around.

We all got on a tractor and went out to the apple field!

Boy, that baby has a rough life, hehe!  Can I get me one of those?


He watched our pile for us, lol!

I have been loving all our family days together!

What have you been doing with your family?

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)

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