Friday, November 9, 2012

A pop and a fizz in Paris

Tjohoo! It's Friday! The Parisien home of Anna Huber, the designer behind children's shop la cerise sur le gateau is the perfect weekend inspiration.  It's full of fizz; with brilliant blues, fuschia pinks and canary yellow and a sizzling touch of je nais ce quoi! I smiled the whole way through the tour so thank you Milk magazine (and SF Girl By Bay) for the inspiration!

Milk Magazine via SF Girl by Bay
Do you have any bold bright notes in your home?

PS I'm very excited as our new Erik Magnussen Porcelight pendant lights have just arrived from Malmö Modern. I've just been to the electrical shop to buy all the extras, not always easy - my understanding of all things electrical is limited enough in English let alone Swedish! If I bought the right stuff (errr) we'll hang them this weekend. Yay! Promise to share pics soon!

Have a great weekend all! (see you on pinterest?!)


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