Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Child's play: black and white

It's been a while since I shared a children's space and this one's definitely too good to miss. It's the black and white bedroom of Israel, the lucky son of the talented blogger and jewellery designer behind A Merry Mishap. This bedroom is a classic example of how to make a chld's space beautiful yet practical and will certainly be included in the mood board for my little girls bedroom!

A Merry Mishap
Such a fantastic room. In case you're wondering (I was!) you can get the string of letters from Mokkasin, although sadly (but understandably!) they've currently sold out in the black colour.

Other children's bedroom tips: check out W-form, a new Danish design shop selling the most wonderful items for children's bedrooms here. I also love the children's prints by L'Affiche Moderne and will likely be investing in the wall sticker tree by dutch company Inke Heiland.

So many tips, such little time!

What's your take on space for little ones, do you like black and white for a children's bedroom?

PS I absolutely love Jennifer's jewellery so if that's more your thing you must check it out. I've also had the honour of writing a couple of guest posts on the wonderful AMM blog in the past here.

Have a lovely evening!


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