Monday, November 26, 2012

My home: advent calendar

December is just days away - soooo excited as it's my favourite month! This year I've actually made my own advent calendar. Now, I'm not really the queen of DIY but it was so much fun being creative. Each envelope will hold a clue to help the girls find the present hidden somewhere in our home (they love hide and seek!) which explains why they're looking so flat! I hope they enjoy it.

My Scandinavian Home

 It was so easy to make as you can probably see from the pics! All I did was take 12 envelopes which I cut in half (we only had big ones at home), a black glitter pen, the black and white washi tape I bought in japan and my good old black board painted wall. The only thing I need to do next is re-arrange the numbers to make it a little tricker for my girls to find the day.

Are you making an advent calendar this year?

PS Back a little later today with a lovely home tour!

PPS Tomorrow I'm holding a BIG give-away on my blog, so exciting! I only wich I could win the Danish design prize myself!


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