Thursday, November 22, 2012

My home: art in the bathroom

A quick hello from London! Since I am rushing around, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my home I took last week. Here are two snap shots from my bathroom. I've always loved art in the bathroom there's something so decedant about it. As bathroom's get a bit steamy I didn't want to ruin one of my favourite original prints so I took a photocopy of the original and hung it in a frame. Conniving or clever? I like to think the latter!

In case you're wondering, the shower curtain is Marimekko and the little bird mirror is from Graham and Green. What do you think about art in the bathroom - do or don't?

I know I've just shown my dining room, but I love this picture as my little four year chose the pink roses at the local flower market in Malmö and they made me smile all week. 

Note: The cushions in the nook are Designers Guild.

Are you more fresh flowers or autumn leaves at this time of the year?

Have a lovely evening!


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