Friday, November 23, 2012

Striking black and white Malmö home

Since I'm heading home to Malmö this evening it's only fair that I show a beautiful apartment from Sweden's Southern most city. This extremely cool black and white apartment is on a square in the centre of town. As you know, I'm a huge advocate of monochrome. I also love the touches of pattern - including the spots and stripes.

Bo-laget vis Feel nspired
Are you a monochrome or colour person? Or perhaps both?! I love black and white but always feel the need to throw in a little colour like peach or dusty pink to soften the look.

Right folks, it's the weekend - yay! Any great plans? Oh and happy thanksgiving to all our friends in the US!

PS Just before I fly off, I just wanted to mention how wonderful it is to see all the comments you leave, I get really excited everytime a new one comes in and it makes blogging so much rewarding and interesting. Thank you!


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