Thursday, November 15, 2012


On a grey and rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest, our collection of antique umbrellas await their most anticipated season. But their wait will be a long one because one, we never remember to bring an umbrella, and two, even if we do remember, we choose to use the most common Pacific North West strategy for a rainy day - run for it

My Grandmother, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, was the kind of person who would never forget her umbrella. Of course rain was not as abundant so in the rare event that rain washed their sun warmed landscape, it was a festive celebration to don ones umbrella. 

Do you use an umbrella? 

Our household is in the throes of our first autumn sniffles. After several days of foggy heads and runny noses, raspy voices and restless nights, we are hopefully on the mend soon. 

On a side note, in my influenza lethargy I was only mildly excited when I saw that my new camera arrived yesterday - a sure sign that I was feeling under the weather. 

Look forward to taking some pictures soon...


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