Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guest House: After Photos

Honestly, I feel as if I've talked your ears off on this little guest house renovation of ours so I'll keep my comments brief! 

The electric fireplace makes the kitchen feel like a whole new space. 

The heat is wonderful of course, but the coziness of sitting in front of a fireplace... there's something about a mantle and a hearth that just feels good. 

The pedestal table was an Amazon purchase. Of course, I wanted to find an antique table, but the criteria for the qualities that this antique table would have to possess made the task quite impossible... a pedestal, warm wood color, 42" diameter, affordable... This table was actually unfinished so we played around with several stain/seal products on the underside until we found the right hue.  

The IKEA arm chairs came from our house. They actually don't make them anymore, which is something I discovered when Country Living asked me to source them. 

As always, there's art in the kitchen. It's such a treat. These oil paintings are by artists Cathleen Rehfeld and Eric Jacobsen

The oak butcher block counters are from IKEA. The pulls and cabinet hinges transformed the original 1960s cabinet into the style of a yet older cabinet, from the 1930s. 

The logs and light show up much better in person that in this sun lit image. It's obvious that it's not a real fire, but still offers a coziness that's a wink and a nod to the real thing. 

The Louis Phillipe-style mirror is one I bought for $35. I have so many mirrors, (and I'm quoting my husband there) it's hard to believe that I can still find ones to buy. But this just seemed like the perfect mirror for over the mantle. 

Here is a close-up of the inside of the fireplace. 

Covered with an antique fireplace screen, it looks a bit more realistic. 

I still need to buy a rug for the bedroom. The rug that was featured in the Country Living shoot was borrowed from Crate and Barrel. 

The IKEA bed was the result of a panic that I had late one night (a few days before the shoot) when I realized that things weren't coming together quite as hoped (I intended on using an old wood bed, but the hue was too dark). I had shopped for upholstered beds at Ballard's months earlier but ended up passing on them because they were beyond our budget. The IKEA bed was a good compromise. 

This night stand is one I found last summer for $30. I liked it because of the warm wood tone, and knew that I was going to try to use pieces with a similar feel throughout the space. 

I didn't have two matching alabaster lamps, but I used two that are pretty similar in height. I married them with matching linen lamp shades, using appropriate hoops and spacers to make them the same height. 

The Chippendale reproduction mirror came from my mirror collection. I must have paid about twenty dollars for this one.

Here's a sneak peak inside the linen shelf closet. 

And here's the hanging closet. 

I found this plant stand for $20. It's the perfect size for the tiny little bathroom. 

We tiled the bathroom floors and created this enclosed shower years ago. I wish I had taken a picture of the original bathroom. It was horrible. When we lived in the guest house during our first several months on the property (as we completed the first wave of renovation to the main house), I wouldn't shower without wearing flip flops. It was that bad. 

For those who inquired into that gorgeous couch that was shown in the Country Living feature - it's not here anymore. It was brought in on loan from Rejuvenation as my Grandmother's antique federal couch that I intended to use wasn't going to be ready in time. In fact, it's still in storage in our barn as I haven't been able to shop for or decide on a fabric to reupholster it with. 

Technically, I have one more post to do - the exterior. But I'll take a break from this project of ours (for your sake) and perhaps take some exterior photos when the snow melts in a few weeks. 

In case you missed them, here are links to the behind the scenes details: 


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