Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Clean Permanent Marker

So my son loves permanent markers!  I don't know why and I hate it!!  He loves how they are perfectly black,  I guess.  He takes Art Classes and is very serious about his art.  

Anyway, I was walking up my stairs and found this.

Marker all over the steps!

It looked pretty fresh still, which I was hoping was a good thing!

So what did I do??  

Grab my camera to show you, lol!  

I wasn't sure if I could get it out but I thought, "Hey, if this really works, women will go nuts over it!!" LOL  

Am I right??  

I know us women love finding new cleaning secrets. Don't we???  

I grabbed my go-to organic cleaner and heavy duty cleaning brush!

I put my cleaning concentrate on the carpet in full strength, let it sit, and then scrubbed!!


I was shocked!!

 I didn't actually think it would work but it did and surprising very quickly!

There you go!
A natural way to remove permeant marker on your carpet!

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Happy Cleaning!

Bonnie :)


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