Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inspiring Lectures: Homeschooling

When I need a boost as a homeschooler, or motivation to continue thinking BIG in my vision of homeschooling our children, there are several people I love to listen to.

One is Sir Ken Robinson.  He is a great big-picture thinker about education!  Here are some of his talks that I've found valuable & inspiring:

Another is Andrew Pudewa who unfortunately has very few videos online.  I did find this one snippet about gender differences & teaching boys to write:
Finally, Sally Clarkson is just flat-out inspiring & encouraging.  She's a big-picture vision-caster who also offers grace & peace to overwhelmed moms:
Here are a few other random links you might find motivating, as a homeschool mom:
  • My Pinterest board for homeschooling... continually updating with great, useful ideas
  • "I Quit"- a Rhode Island 15-year veteran elementary school teacher reads his insightful resignation letter
  • Using YouTube for Homeschooling- Ideas for using YouTube to enhance your child's learning.  Several years ago, Ethan and I got on a kick and watched several hours worth of youtube videos about beekeeping and how honey is made.  It was fascinating and a nice break to our normal school routine!
  • The Argument Against Raising Well-Rounded Children- I'm not saying I agree with this lady on everything- at all- , but she's got some great ideas, and she's not afraid to share them.  Good food for thought, anyway, even if you come to other conclusions.
  • The Gigantic List of Free Kindle Books for Homeschooling - You guessed it.  :)  This is a gigantic list of free Kindle books you can use for homeschooling.  Classics... great literature... wonderful selection here, and all for free.
  • When Introverts Homeschool- I'm not even (technically) an introvert, although I feel more and more like one, the more time I spend with people constantly buzzing round... but this article was delightful & encouraging.  She offers great, specific & big picture ideas about how to recharge & regroup, as a homeschooling introvert.  
Blessings to all!


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