Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organize your Schedule

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed with stuff?  Do you ever feel like everything is out of control? Do you see mess everywhere you look? Or maybe, you could just use some organizing fine-tuning.  Do you have a few spots that need a little help and attention? 


I just joined Jennifer Ford Berry and some other amazing bloggers in an organizing challenge.   We will be showing you a few of our favorite spaces while we follow along Jennifer's new book called, "Organize Now!" NEW Updated & Expanded.  

I just love Jennifer!! I started reading her book about 2 years ago and LOVED IT!!

 (This is a picture of us taken at the Chicago Bloggy Bootcamp)

You might remember that I did my own challenge a few years ago here.

This is the schedule of the next 12 weeks!

Week 1 Schedule
Week 2 Kitchen Cupboards
Week 3 Bedroom Closet
Week 4 Routines
Week 5 Papers/Files
Week 6 Pantry
Week 7 Entryway
Week 8 Memorabilia
Week 9 Medicine Cabinet
Week 10 Refrigerator
Week 11 Books, CDs, DVDs
Week 12 Home Office

To be honest, this will be a huge challenge for me because I am still unpacking and need to find a home for everything in my whole house!!!!

Since this is week one, let's share schedules.

Please note that I am still adjusting to our new house.  We moved-in during winter break and then I had my Mother-in-Law here, so this upcoming week will actually be my first week by myself in our new home.  I will tell you how I hope my day goes.  Also note, that each day for me is different.  I work a couple days a week, we have extra-curricular activities, and my husband has a crazy schedule and goes to night class twice a week.

Monday Schedule

6:30 am

wake up 
feed my kids breakfast
get ready for school

7:30 am

drive kids to school

8:00 am

clean up kitchen
finish getting ready
nurse Andrew
start laundry

9 am 

play-date with friends and their kids at my house
Andrew's nap-time 

12 noon

clean up kitchen

1 pm

nurse Andrew & put him down for nap
finish laundry
play with Matthew

2:15 pm

workout at home

2:45 pm

pick-up kids from school

3:15 pm

after-school snack

4:00 pm

make dinner
clean kitchen (again)

5:00 pm

eat dinner & clean up

6:00 pm

give kids baths 
read with kids

7:00 pm

put Andrew, Matthew, Michael to bed

7:30 pm

read with Grace
finish homework

8:00 pm 

Strategy Call (learn how to succeed in business and life)

9:00 pm 

DREAM CALL (Shaklee team training call)

9:30 pm

get ready for bed
make lunches

10 pm 

Relax with hubby

11 pm 


I will probably tweak this a little but this is THE plan!!

I just love planning out my day!

What are you doing today?

Do you plan it out?  Do you use a planner?  I love using my iPhone and it's reminders to keep me on track!

Have a great day and join my next week in the kitchen!

Bonnie :)

Check out the other women in the challenge!

Jennifer Dempsey
  • Jennifer Dempsey: Jennifer, the voice behind the blog Mother Thyme, is a mom of twins, writer, author of Holiday Thyme and food blogger. She is an avid cook with a passion of combining fresh ingredients with common items already on hand. When not chasing around her kids, she likes spending her free “thyme” in the kitchen whipping up simple and delicious recipes at Mother Thyme one bite at a time.

  • Linda DeFalco: Linda is a 30+ woman who lives together with her boyfriend in a 1,050 sq ft condo in Florida. She  loves organization but is inconsistent with how much time she spends on it due to the fact that she works so many hours in the corporate world. She is looking to find great ways to implement more organizational skills into her busy life. You can follow along with Linda’s organization journey at Tapas Lifestyle.

  • Pamela Dayton: Pamela is surprised to find herself raising a family in the same town where she grew up, and is finding it easier to call her 7th-grade-Spanish-teacher-turned-mother-in-law by her first name.  In addition to educating her four children at home, Pamela is the owner, and creator of pretty useful things at Revel Handmade Goodness and blogs at the Dayton Time.
Pamela is excited about being a part of this challenge because she has discovered it is much more fun to sit on the sofa in pajamas while knitting custom pretty things for other people, than it is to sort stuff out. She’s taking advantage of this challenge because she knows it’s way past time to get organized.

Bonnie Donahue: Bonnie Donahue is a wife and mother to 4. She has been blogging at House of Grace for 3 years and is the founder of Project Dream Int. She loves talking about cleaning tips, & tools, organizing with what you have, healthy foods that kids will eat, simplifying your life, working from home, family fun and weight loss secrets! She is a down-to-earth momma trying to stay organized in her busy world and sharing her success a long the way! Join her now.

Michelle McDermott Murphy: Michelle has been married for over 15 years to a very supportive husband. They have 3 children, two daughters ages 13 and 10 and a son who is 8. Each of the children participate on sport teams through out the year and are all active in mixed martial arts several times a week. Michelle has always worked full time outside of the home. With all the activities, the organization of the home has taken the hit — there are only so many hours in a day. Through the years, the clutter has become overwhelming and quite stressful. Michelle is accepting this challenge to get her home in order, have less stress in her life and enjoy her home even more than she does already!!  You can find Michelle’s posts at


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