Sunday, January 27, 2013

Organized Closets

I am taking the Organize Now! Organizing Challenge with some other bloggers and this week was organizing my closets! 

I love clean & organized closets...NOW!

I used to be (and sometimes am still) a huge hoarder!!  Yes, I said it!  I used to love to buy way too much! I would go to garage sales and buy things because it was only a dollar.  How could I pass it up??  But then, I had a house full of stuff and that did not make my happy. How could I enjoy what I couldn't find?  

My stuff would get lost and just overwhelm me.   

When we moved, (twice), I really cleared the clutter and it feels amazing!!

I hate stuff!

Now, I can see and find everything.  (At least the stuff I unpacked already.)

I had a lot of stuff....Probably too much!!

Right now, I have barely anything in our closets and I want to keep it that way.   

I put all the kids' toys in the basement and I am using the closets strictly for clothes.

I already went through EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING IN THE HOUSE!!!!

I got rid of anything that I don't like, that had a hole, didn't fit or that we really didn't need.

This is Michael's closet.

It is a very small closet.  You can see it in the corner below.

I keep a lot of his clothes on these hangers.  (He also has a dresser for his pants, socks, under-ware, jammies, etc.)

He has his own hamper on the floor.  (Right now, I still need to add his shoes because those are downstairs now.)

This is Grace's closet.  It is a weird angle but it works.  Did you see that we had it painted purple?  Cute, huh? 

Her closet had some shelving in it so that was nice for her stuff.

I love her pole for her hangers because it is her  height. 

In the baskets, are her swimsuits, sandals, and a few dress-up things.

I am going to hang those hooks in her room for all her bags and scarves. 

We keep her uniforms separate so she can grab right away.

This is another angle.

She organized her clothes in color order.  (She also has a dresser for the rest.)

We have more room if we need it.

Next, we have Matthew's & Andrew's closet.  I think theirs is the smallest so I really had to purge of any extra items.

I added the over to door shoe organizer for some extra shoes.

I simplified Matthew's clothes.

Andrew's clothes fit in the top three drawers and Matthew gets the bottom two.  (Yes, the dresser should be painted white but it is not a top priority.)

We actually have a lot of shelving but I really wanted the dresser in the closet and their toys in the basement so it is kind of empty now.

I still need to organize MY closet.

You can see my old closet here.

Now that I am done organizing for the week, I can enjoy my babies.

How are you doing with your organizing?  

Did you tackle your closets too?

Happy organizing!

Bonnie :)

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Bonnie Donahue: Bonnie Donahue is a wife and mother to 4. She has been blogging at House of Grace for 3 years and is the founder of Project Dream Int. She loves talking about cleaning tips, & tools, organizing with what you have, healthy foods that kids will eat, simplifying your life, working from home, family fun and weight loss secrets! She is a down-to-earth momma trying to stay organized in her busy world and sharing her success a long the way! Join her now.

Michelle McDermott Murphy: Michelle has been married for over 15 years to a very supportive husband. They have 3 children, two daughters ages 13 and 10 and a son who is 8. Each of the children participate on sport teams through out the year and are all active in mixed martial arts several times a week. Michelle has always worked full time outside of the home. With all the activities, the organization of the home has taken the hit — there are only so many hours in a day. Through the years, the clutter has become overwhelming and quite stressful. Michelle is accepting this challenge to get her home in order, have less stress in her life and enjoy her home even more than she does already!!  You can find Michelle’s posts at


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