Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Updates

Matthew just celebrated his 4th Birthday!! 

I CAN'T even believe how old he is!!  

Instead of having "kid parties" at this age, we like to go somewhere fun as a family and create an experience for them so we took him to LegoLand and he had a ball! 

My Hubby took me out to a fancy Valentine's Dinner that he planned all by himself.  (FIRST TIME EVER!)

He scheduled a limo and everything!

We also went ice-skating downtown.

We seriously had a blast! I think all couples should do this!

We also went our for dinner.

 Grace and Scott went out on a Daddy/Daughter Dinner & Dance.

Grace picked out Scott's outfit.

Let's just say she couldn't of been happier to go on a date with daddy!

 He was happy about it too!! :)

Baby Andrew also got his first haircut...right in our kitchen!

The kids had been enjoying the outside.

We have been going to the library and bookstore to get out of the house.

The boys have been busy playing in Michael's cubby.

Baby has been growing teeth... It's hard to see here but he is getting a third bottom tooth.  It's strange because he has no top teeth yet.

Loving the snow!

For Lent, we are going MEAT FREE!!  I have been really enjoying creating new meals.  This is a vegetable and bean chili.


Someone is learning how to stand!

I love him so much!


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