Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Bedroom and Bath

We've made some subtle changes to our bedroom recently. The biggest change has been to set up the four poster bed again. 

We kept the pelmet box which offers a whole different look when combined with the four poster bed. The alabaster lamps,which I stole from the guest house, are another small update. 

We also finally added curtains awhile ago. The painted wood curtain hardware is from Home Depot, from the same line as the curtain hardware we used in the guest house (although those were stained, not painted). The curtains are from IKEA. I found these after trying about a half dozen other options, but couldn't find just the right the shade, sheen or price. 

I also finally found a use for my Great Grandparents oriental rug. I've had it tucked away in a closet for safekeeping, but this low traffic area in front of the dresser will be a good place for it.

My Eastlake nightstand with the  marble top which used to be in the bedroom was used for the guest house bedroom. So in its place, I'm using another Eastlake table that belonged to my Great Grandparents. 

Our happy fern. 

Lastly, I realized that I've posted a lot on our bathroom but have never shot it from the opposite angle, which shows the custom cabinet we had made. 

Due to the slanted ceiling of the half story, we wanted to position the sink on the left. A local cabinet maker made this one for us and it's been great. 

The drawer under the sink is non-operational but the three drawers on the right and the cabinet beneath the sink offer great storage. 

We used reproduction glass hardware on cabinet and drawers, while the faucet comes from Pottery Barn. The mirror above sink is in antique walnut frame, which fit perfectly in that unique spot. 


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