Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tuna & Lettuce Wrap on a Chia Seed Tortilla

We have not been eating meat for during Lent and I have found this healthy meal to be an easy go-to lunch or dinner!

Tuna & Lettuce Wrap on a Chia Seed Tortilla

(I have been using the tuna with olive oil so I can cut back on the mayo)
Organic Mayo
Organic Salad
(I buy the organic herb mix)
Chia Seed Tortilla
(I buy these at Trader Joes.  I also like the spinach ones.)

I just add some mayo to the tuna.  

I have found that the tuna mixed with water is a little dry and needs more mayo so I switched to the olive oil tuna and then I don't never as much mayo.

Sometimes I add chopped onion, carrots, celery, or tomatoes too.

Then, I add the tuna mix on top of the tortilla and top that with lettuce.

Roll up and ENJOY!!

This is delicious and easy to make!

You can wrap this up take as an on-the-go lunch or pack it in your hubby's lunch!


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